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Grab your favourite booch brew Kombucha fizzy organic kombucha Tea benefits Sparkling Kombucha tea drink in India Get your Kombucha tea and Stay hydrated Borécha’s kombucha is the best to purchase in India too fizzy kombucha kombucha-super tea

Buy flavoursome sparkling kombucha tea in India

It's a great
gut feeling

kombucha tea Buy online India

Borécha is Kombucha at its finest with added zest. With only 3 grams of sugar and 9 calories per 100ml, one can enjoy a bottle with absolutely no guilt.

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Tastiest kombucha tea Buy online India

what is kombucha tea good for?


good digestion

Immunity booster



Borécha- the definition of Kombucha

"This is such an amazing mixer. I tried two cocktails with borecha and it's flavourful and delicious. Must try!"

-Sonal Revankar

" This is my favourite fizzy drink now which is healthy too."

- Varsha

" I totally love this brand for their variety of flavour choices. The drink is nice and fizzy with a great smooth texture."

-Jayadivya Iyer

" This sparkling beverage is literally like God’s gift to the gut. Best kombucha brand to buy in India!"

-Avantika Bose

In Many

As we said, Borécha plays its part, both as a standalone refresher and relaxer. These fizzy, Kombucha flavours are an excellent mix with drinks as well as the best cocktail companion. It’s an anytime, anywhere sparkling tea, be it a bar, restaurant or even the workplace.

Theatre of Borécha making

how to make kombucha/Recipe

1. Start of creation: The brew
Best Assam and Darjeeling healthy tea is brewed. Cane sugar is then stirred until dissolved.

2. It’s all cool
This healthy fermented tea is then rapidly cooled to room temperature. Your Kombucha in making is now prepped for its final climax.

3. The Climax
Symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) is added for goodness. Your sparkling kombucha is then fermented for 1-4 weeks under warm conditions.

4. It’s ready
Your fizzing good non alcoholic Kombucha, brimming with antioxidants is ready.

5. The best of booch, coming soon to you
This low calories beverage is a perfect kick-start to the day.


The fine art of making Borécha cocktails.
Old cocktail favorites rebooted with the Borécha touch.

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